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Magic Farm is the heartwarming and entertaining story of a young florist and her cute little dragon
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9 June 2008

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Gardening is one of the most preferred spare time activity for many of us. Being a true gardener, we always think of growing and trimming beautiful plants in our garden. Imagine if you can do gardening and gaming simultaneously, it would definitely be fun and frolic for you. Well this is possible with the MagicFarm 1.023, you can enjoy your time while gardening and growing flowers. In this game, you’re posed as a girl, Iris, whose parents have left the home. Now she’s out in search of her parents and needs to earn coins to carry out her journey. The only way of earning these coins is through gardening and selling the vegetation. You need to grow different flowers and fruits, and sell them to earn the coins. This includes watering them, saving them from pests and buying upgradations. You need to work faster with growing levels and grow as many plants for harvesting and selling them as you can.

While starting with MagicFarm you need to enter your name and move on to the selection screen. To make the program more interesting you can set level of music and sound volume. It feels to be more realistic if played in Full Screen mode and also you can enable the 3D Accelerator, Custom Cursors and Game Warnings feature. When the game starts you’re shown the story of a girl, Iris, who leaves her home to study in the Fairyland’s Floral Academy. But one day she receives a letter from her neighbor that her parents left their home in search of Flower of Youth. Now she’s worried and goes in search of her parents through different places. It will take you through different step and also includes various conversations with different people. Buy new plants, different water and flower storage items, and then sell the flowers individually, or as bouquet that gets you twice the original cost. While playing the game you also get a cute dragon Robin that helps in your work. Pass through different level and find it your self whether you’ll be successful in finding Iris’s parents or not.

MagicFarm is interesting and takes the user through various levels with increasing levels of difficulty. For the features that are easy to operate and a fantastic graphical user interface, the software has been rated with 4 points. Enjoy gardening while playing with different plants, flowers and Robin.

Publisher's description

Magic Farm is the heartwarming and entertaining story of a young florist and her cute little dragon helper. The young girl wishes to save her beloved parents, who got lost in the jungle. She needs to supply various people with funds, so she puts her florist skills to the test. You will help the girl to grow and sell various flowers and fruit. Both gardening and business activities are essential to reaching your goal.
+ Funny pests and beautiful flowers
+ Deep involving story. More than 60 quests!
+ Cute and sweet dragon Robin the helpmate
Version 1.023
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